Top cryptocurrencies in August 2018

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  1. According to me

    - Bitcoin
    - Ripple
    - Ethereum
    - EOS
    - IOTA
    - TRON

    are the top cryptocurrency now and ever
  2. dozu888


    the only guaranteed 'top coin' is one YOU create out of thin air and issue to the public.. people are so stupid, they buy digital puffs of air from other people.
  3. johnarb


    Why you so angry at bitcoin? Is it because you missed out? :D

    A couple of days ago, it was ICE (NYSE), now Goldman Sachs, they're coming....

    A custody offering could help legitimize the burgeoning crypto market, market structure experts say.

    Elsewhere on Wall Street, Fidelity is hiring staff to build a "first-in-class" custody solution, as Business Insider first reported . Sources tell Business Insider the plan has long been in the works at the firm but has been stalled.

    Bank of New York and JPMorgan are also looking into crypto custody, according to Bloomberg.

  4. dozu888


    what did i miss? another big drop?
  5. S2007S

    S2007S amazes me how these coins are magically created overnight and within days are worth tens of millions and even hundreds of millions of dollars...only fools and idiots would put money into puffs of air!!!
  6. S2007S


    The funniest thing is reading the project overview of these unicorn fairytale magical coins and how they hype it to their best of their ability and make it sound like the project is the tell all of mankind....
  7. I think Stellar will be the next crypto star in the following months.
  8. Thanks for the informative post. Cryptocurrency is likely to take over the traditional currencies by 2050.
  9. beamline


    For me, it's three coins:

    ETH - Ethereum is a no-brainer, tech-wise and brand awareness alone is enough to make it flip BTC in market cap value.

    ICON (ICX) - Basically the Korean Ethereum... Just looking at their partnerships alone and the infrastructure they've built within South Korea (Samsung to name one) feels like a top 10 cryptocurrency.

    NANO - Nano is like the feeless and faster version of Bitcoin. Enough said.

    "Nano (NANO) is one of the fastest cryptocurrencies around. In fact, it can lay a solid claim to being the fastest cryptocurrency on the market. Earlier this year, it dazzled onlookers, beating out the rest of the competition with ease to be christened the fastest cryptocurrency available according to tests conducted by Binance. Unlike Bitcoin, Nano is not a mineable cryptocurrency."

    I expect to see most of these coins in the top 10 (minus ETH as its already top 10)
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