Top Books to buy for these topics????

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  1. Hey. Im going to list some topics, and can someone tell me the best books for each topic.

    Nasdaq level 2


    Technical Analysis

    Trading platforms

    And can someone list like the Top 3 books i should buy, for a starter wanting to become a Day Trader.

    Any help would be fantastic

  2. if you are into options or swing trading at all I would read Trader Vic.
  3. Highly recommend these top three trading authors. As a minimum,get all the books recommended under ''books.elite trader .com''Jack Schwager,Alan Farley,Joshua Lukeman.

    Best money you 'll ever trade,except for CPA money.{T.A, Charts}:)

    As your capital permits,a printer helps print your favorite candlecharts.

    All gave some, some gave all.
  4. Better add Dr. Van tharps books-day or swing trade.

    Education is cheap.


    ''Wisdom is a defence and money is a defence''[ Solomon]
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  6. The best trading books are the classic's: Livermore, Baruch, Darvas...