Top Benghazi Suspect Found, Interviewed by Reporters

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Options12, Oct 19, 2012.

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    two words: fine. when?
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    Hey, RCG. Where have you been?
  4. Odumbo has LIED about almost everything.

    Why should we expect him to do otherwise about Benghazi?

    The only thing he hasn't lied about is his promise to "fundamentally transform America". Of course had he said "By transform I mean TO A COMMUNIST STATE"... perhaps the stupid, greedy, hoi polloi wouldn't have drunk his Kool-Aid.

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    I think he has been working on pulling some riot gear together for the November 7th riots. Not defensive riot gear but offensive gear like Molotov cocktails, etc.
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    Just make sure that we dont inconvenience his life in the slightest way, we wouldnt want to violate the rights of a piece of shit who wants to see America burning in ashes.

  7. The guy seems pretty smart.Staying in public and in a populated hotel is probably the best defense against drones.Like Mogadishu /Black Hawk Down it would also probably be hard to send in special forces to get him.I'm just guessing though

    I hope he can get at least one of them before the election
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    Yes, you're an Obama drone. We know already.
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    Wouldn't it suck, for you I mean? If Romney won AND took these guys out, afterward?
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