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    What are some of the top advisory services out there?
  2. I have read that this guy Waxie "FRIGGIN' RULES THE MARKETS!!!!!" Personally, I doubt it.
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    Seen him before, did not like him...... He is a good promoter though, see him all the time at 2:AM in the morning in his infomercial.
  4. I don't personally use advisory services. I tend to think they would be trading not chatting, if they are as good as they say they are. That being said I have received several emails with some claims of huge gains form these guys:

    This is not an endorsement. I don't know how valid their claims are, and I have not used the service. Use it at your own risk.:confused:
  5. I use a couple of advisory services. What I do not like about most of them is that they post fake results. For example, post their gains like this.

    Enter 25 ... max high 30, half of max high 27.50.....

    What the heck!??#$# How are you suppose to know if the stock is going to go up 1/2 point or 5 points! Sites that do not post entry and target and stops are JOKES.... ..just my opinion.

    I just go turned onto They do a fairly good job with stock picks.... even better though, they offer a money back guarantee, which no service does. Another service I like is These two fit my style fo trade... for the moment at least...
  6. cramer.this week he said sell semis and short banks and
  7. used to be a good site

    I no longer subscribe so I do not know if its the same
  8. I use Like there market and index reads especially. They kept me ontop of today's move!

    I use to use, but they are tooooo much $$$$$$$$ and their calls were not that good.