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    "Seriously people, its really Hell on earth."

    SERIOUSLY - Thats why I like it HE HE HE HE HE. (said with an air of flippancy :D )

    If it is hell I urge all to come here and confront your fears and face up to your transgressions. Face up to the temptation and heat - then realize you are stronger and go home feeling good about yourself that you won. Why wait to die to go to hell, talk about procrastination. As long as you keep in discipline on the risk reward plan, you should come out alright.

    I decided to stay just to keep an eye on Satan and not let him get out of hand here and or go someplace like East Hollywood. He likes to go there you know. Besides he kidnapped Santa Clause one time and I had to impose a pattern day trading rule on him as a penalty. That was in late 2000 and look what happened.


    Give me a break - like professional traders even listen to emotional opinionated statements as such.
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  2. Well, since we have had a home here, on and off, since 1962 (Junior High School), and spent much of our lives in SoCal, a decade in NoCal, some time in Washington State, Colorado, New Jersey, and probably other places I can't remember (LOL) let me say a couple of things.

    First off, having no State Income tax makes a big difference than California. I love CA, but I can't see paying Arnold $5,000-$25,000 per month in taxes just to live there, and we're only 3.5 hours from the beach anyway.

    Summer is hot, the rest of the year is very comfortable. Homes are half the cost of CA.

    We are 20 minutes from water Skiing (Lake Mead, water is down the last couple of years, but still good boating). We are 1.5 hours from snow skiing at Mt. Charleston and Big Bear. A 45 minute plane ride from Lake Tahoe, one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. We have great off-roading as well.

    We have the best entertainment on the planet, and you'll never hear "gee, there's nothing to do" around here, LOL.

    There is more than the gaming sections, we have very nice neighborhoods, I live in a very modest home in a great neighborhood (Green Valley).

    I hear there is more "praying" that goes on here than the Vatican, but I think that's from the tourists trying to get their money back from the slot machines, LOL.

    Anyway, enough from the Convention and Visitor's Bureau for now.

    We all tend to like where we have the best family memories, and a lot of ours are here.

    All the best,

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  3. 3.5 hours from the beach?

    1.5 hours from skiing in Big Bear?

    what are you driving these days?:eek:

    BTW, Big Bear isnt really skiing!
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    dear asap, London isn't "quasi- american" mate!!!
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  5. One thing that keeps Las Vegas on my no,no list is the amount of nuclear testing that had been performed there and of course the Yuca mountain which is being build for the purpose of storing nuclear waste for the whole country. I guess you could say it is that glow at night that I am trying to avoid.

    How about Hawaii guys? Seems like a very nice place to trade and live.
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  6. My niece Tammy can make it to Grandma's house in Long Beach in 3.5-4 hours. Big Bear is closer of course, and I agree not the best for skiing (although I don't snow ski).

    Forgot to mention, no trains or subways to deal with, no parking fees (When I started in S.F. our parking garage below the Exchange was $6.00 per day, I think it's like $50,00 per day now (someone let me know).

    Traffic has gotten worse, but it takes me 9 minutes to drive to work. I've had my car cor 2.5 years, only 14,000 miles on it, LOL.

    I do drive to SoCal, and Baja a few times per year, and really enjoy it when they (Harrah's) fly me to Tahoe for free in the Summer time.

    Another thing is, and new Vegas transplants find out early on, is that every friend and relative you have will likely be knocking on your need to go visit anyone anywhere else (Not sure this is a good or bad thing, LOL).

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  7. Haha. That's hilarious.
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  8. Test facility sent all the nuclear clouds to St. George Utah (we have a house there as well).

    But, I too am concerned about the stupid Yucca Mountain nightmare.

    We had a couple of traders in Hawaii, nice idea, horrible hours.

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    Maybe its all that nuc exposure then that's made Bob so bright and his accounts grow to extremely large size? Could I be on to something? Heck if thats all it takes I think I might go volunteer to be a nuclear test dummy a couple times. :)) I was nuked enough the last year maybe I wont have too.

    Anyway, its been awhile since we chatted, I hope everything is still going well for you Don, I cant imagine its not.

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  10. LOL....All is good Brandon...just dodging the slings and arrows here on ET, as you can see from time to time.....LOL.

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