Top 50 Trading Cities

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  2. Anyone have experience setting up a trading entity and trading from Dubai? The Zero tax on income and corporate cap gains plus the ability to trade multiple markets is a plus.
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  3. Get your ass here, soon you will find out paying tax is lot better where you are, than puting money in left and right which required by Dubai gov

    Dubai is more expensive than chicago and NY now, you will pay $22K a year for "380SQF room +100SQF Balcony" studio flat in a nice location
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  4. scenic58


    That means that Dubai is also more expensive to live in than Hong Kong which used to be up in the top 5 of expensive places to live in the world.

    I'me paying $28,000 a year for an 1800 sq.foot apartment in a reasonable part of town.

    $12 is the top price you would pay for a cocktail in a smart club, and $8 tops for a beer. Plenty of bars, all open till 4 or 5 am, offer beers under $5.

    Asian dinner for two-$35/40
    Imported European-$100/120

    It's hard to break $10 on any taxi fare on the island, and they are available 24/7.

    Full time live in domestic helper-$460 a month.

    As you may gather I love this place and wild horses could not drag me back to the UK.
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  5. Same prices for alcohol/ entertainment cost in NYC.
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  6. Siberia, Antarctica, Stalingrad circa 1942. :D :D :D
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  7. Montreal... yes of course....

    So true. Ahhh those French Canadian chics.....

    Now only we are back to when it was $1.56 CAD.

    The winters can be a real bitch though.
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  8. I took a trip to Montreal for the first time last month for the F1 Grand Prix, and the one thing that stood out to me (besides the lack of English) was how there were so many cute girls! Its like the whole scale shifted up 2 points... their 4's and 5's are 6's and 7's here! :D

    BTW, what is criteria for these top cities? Trading volume or just overall 'nice'ness?.... Boston whutttt :cool: haha
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    What tax breaks are you referring to?
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  10. Eh, are you serious? Hmm, I think they're great. It's usually in the 70s, breezy, and light on humidity.

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