Top 50 Trading Cities

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  1. It requires sign up and log in, I'm sure you are allowed to post the list here
  2. Don Bright - care to comment on the article about the death of the floor by Labor Day? Say it ain't so....

  3. Pfft, they forgot Victoria BC....
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    It's free access to get on, but all you really get is the short attention span version of print, which is in itself the Readers Digest version of, what..., something. No substance.

    Unless you are looking to buy the next useless, decadent gadget.
  5. Here are the TOP 14 ( I feel bad about posting the whole thing, just doesn't seem right).

    Dublin? (Where did that come from, nice city however).
    Sao Paulo (Yeah, now we're talking)
    Vegas above San Diego (Hey MSchey, "told you so" LOL).

    Nice little blurbs in the magazine.

    #1 Chicago
    #2 London
    #3 New York
    #4 Dubai
    #5 Miami
    #6 Boston
    #7 Dublin
    #8 Los Angeles
    #9 Toronto
    #10 Sao Paulo
    #11 Denver
    #12 Hong Kong
    #13 Las Vegas
    #14 San Diego

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    Chicago number 1!!!!!!!!!! Eat your heart out Don.




  7. Any reason why Chicago is ranked #1? Im from there and actually thinking about moving back and becoming a prop shopper. Besides the City being great, what do they base it on?

  8. How come Dubai is ahead of Hongkong? I thought Dubai should make bottom at the 50 list? There isn't singapore, S.korea, Japan...

    Dubai is known for real state boom these days, but not trading.......? Would u post top 50 please?
    AFAIK few countable traders from Dubai in ET only, and all i know local market aren't that ready for electronical daytrade here.

    waoo, i have to find out, may be i'm not well informed what's going on here :confused:
  9. Incline Village, NV was left off the list and still is the best place to live and trade on this earth. I have been to the Top 5 places and still nothing beats the views, lake, people, golf and big money in Tahoe.

    I have lived in the Bay Area but find it hard to believe San Diego rates below SF.

    Shit....anywhere you can make money may be a good place to live. Lets not get greedy.
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