Top 50 businesses listed on the stock market

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by Cutten, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Cutten


    Let's have some suggestions for the best businesses that are publicly quoted. By best I mean highest quality i.e. good management, serious competitive advantage, major barriers to entry, high free cash flow, high return on capital, significant avenues for future growth, strong balance sheet etc.

    The idea would be to form this list, then monitor it to see if any of the stocks occasionally trade at a significant discount to fair value, thus providing a nice investment opportunity.
  2. Companies selling biologic drugs, as the FDA has essentially banned biosimilars, meaning no generic alternatives are available to patients, under any circumstance, allowing companies having patents on biologic meds to charge monopoly profits for decades or longer.
  3. The ones that are making all-time highs on the charts, if there is such a thing in the current environment. :cool:
  4. Hey, let's produce this list. I volunteer to compile & post the index chart. Call it the "Cutten_50" index.

    It doesn't have to start with 50 right away. You can add more as we go along.

    Maybe start with 5-10 names.

    How about stocktrader's old list?:D