Top 5 Business/Finance Schools

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    Hi All

    Just trying to gather information. Could you list the top 5 business/finance schools in the U.S.

  2. ozzy


    Also to those who have gone through the system. A list of the top 5 courses which apply to trading/markets that you would recommend.

    Mucho gracias.

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    Theology. Lots of praying associated with trading.
  4. There are lots of "lists" and opinions. Here's another recognized source for U.S. colleges:

    Best Undergraduate Business Programs teaser:

    Best Graduate Business Programs teaser:

    Your local library or bookstore should have the current annual issue or spin-off paperbound with the in-depth info.

    Regarding trading for a living, business or finance programs specializing in or including courses in entrepreneurship should be targeted, IMO. Also, mathematics/statistics/probability, macro economics, risk management, accounting, and programming.

    Look for hands-on, practical learning over theory, whatever the program.

    And, don't overlook related info previously thoroughly discussed here on Elite Trader.