Top 25 technology trading stocks for right now...

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    I came upon this interesting article from April which has a chart of 25 different technology companies. I looked up a few of the companies on stockcharts and each would be a worthwhile trading stock. It looks like quite a few breakouts in process. Check them out...

    Company Symbol Rank Company Name Business Closing Price (3/12/10) Estimated EPS Growth LTG (%) LTM Sales ($Mil) Sales 5 Year Growth (%)
    FSLR 1
    RVBD 2
    CML 3
    PAR 4
    ILMN 5
    CAVM 6
    CYBS 7
    ARST 8
    CELG 9
    GOOG 10
    CRM 11
    BCSI 12
    MYGN 13
    FTNT 14
    CTSH 15
    EQIX 16
    LPSN 17
    FIRE 18
    RHT 19
    GILD 20
    AAPL 21
    LMNX 22
    QSII 23
    NCIT 24
    DLB 25
  2. Many of those are duds. Check out VMW
  3. Which ones are duds and why? Duds like RVBD or RHT? All of them, except for a few, look to be breaking out.

    The biggest dots are around San Jose and Washington DC. Technology and government...

    My indicator is flashing technology.


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  4. Here is one that I have been invested in for quite a while not on the above list...

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