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  1. These are my Top 25 Books over the last 30 years. They have made my trading career possible. I listed them in order of importance. If I were a brand new Trader, and I knew what I know today, this is where I would begin. What are your favorites?

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    Numbers 1 and 3 are worth the read, the rest are trash or worse.

    Summarizing 1: the (up)trend is your friend.

    Summarizing 3: 1/3 Down is halfway back.

    Alexander Elder should be on your list -- his first book. (the others look derivative.)
  3. Psycho cybernetics by maxwell maltz. Best book for mental part of trading(or any ) profession.
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  4. zghorner


    you're crazy, #7 is at the very least very entertaining and fun to read. not so much educational outside "cut your losers and add to your winners".
  5. Times


    "Only The Game, Can Teach You The Game” – Jesse Livermore


    But I think the book depends on what kind of trading you do. Quants, Macro traders, treasury traders, stock investors etc will have different world views if you will
  6. I have shelves and shelves of very good and not so very good trading books, but the one that matters the most and gets my number one slot is Dynamic Trading by Robert C Miner.
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    Do you use software to identify fib clusters?
  8. I use Dynamic Trader software which helps the trader identify time and price fib clusters.

    Beware of any software that claims to do it all - automatically.
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    I don't use the stuff myself but I had Miners book and found it very interesting.
  10. That is a great list if we lived 20 years in the past.
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