Top 20 MBA Graduate, who wants to hire me (NYC)?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by EliteTraderNYC, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. I have been looking to join a legitimate prop firm in New York with a great training program for awhile and thought I'd post something here.

    A few things about me - I graduated recently from a Top 20 MBA program with an MBA in finance. I have a superior GPA and standardized test scores. I have a background in IT and some experience with fundamental equity research.

    I am looking to work with other traders who are successful, highly educated, and willing to share their strategies.

    Anyone interested?
  2. MBA is a joke.. let me just tell you that to start off with. Especially if it is one of those Hardward ones.

    I don't think I would even mention it when searching for a trading job.

    Prove to me what you got by sharing w/ me the best profit making ideas you have thought of. You can PM me.
  3. You may want to sign up with a different username and try again. This shows the exact opposite attitude that those who you want to contact would need to see from you.
  4. I am thinking of opening a hot-dog stand. Would you like to come on board?
  5. why everyone is so angry at him? i don't see anything wrong with what he just posted.

    to the person who started this thread. why don't you go to First New York Securities to apply for a prop trader trainee position.
    that firm is simply the best prop firm in the country. they give you $55,000 base salary & shared profit too when you are under training. all other prop firms donot pay you anything.

    their training is very intensive. if you are that educated, you'll have a job there for sure because they don't hire people easily like most prop firms.

    if i were you, i'll definitely go there only! no other prop firms is this good. it looked good on the resume too if you work there whereas other prop firms working experience is not respected in wall street. its very hard for you to look for wal street job in the future, but experience at first new york securities is very respectable. Go for it & good luck!

  6. Top20 MBA? So I guess it's from a school ranked somewhere between 15-20 since if you went to Harvard, Wharton, or Stanford, you would've said top3 MBA or something like that.

    Is it even worth the time and money to get a top20 MBA if you are looking to change a career nowadays? I mean if you are already working at a good company and just looking to get that additional edge by doing a part-time MBA from top20 school to continue to move up the corporate ladder I can understand, but getting a degree and wanting to work at a prop firm now?
  7. Thanks for the advice on First New York Securities. I have heard of them. What are some other prop firms that are highly respected?

  8. If you really have a MBA try with first. They can probably hook you up with a proper prop trading desk.
  9. MBA is a joke.. let me just tell you that to start off with"

    Ahh, once again a fool from ET, who has not earned an MBA from a Top 20 Speaks.

    Porchas SUCK says the "Ford Mustang" driver.

    Give me a break.

    And you wonder why the "Daytrading" field is dying faster than you can say, "Im profitable".
  10. I heard Jim Rogers is looking for a newly minted MBA to clean his shoes and drive his kids to school.
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