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  1. After reading the "How many of you make over 100k/day

    regularly day trading?" thread, I had an idea for creating the first

    thread for ET's top 100 traders to get recognition, and praise

    they deserve. Being one of the most difficult careers to master,

    anyone that can tame the beast, should earn some


    If you feel you can make the list ( The requirement is 150k for

    LAST year of 2007) then post your account statement of the

    starting and ending balance, and the trade that was made.

    From reading the Trader P/L 2008 thread, some of you

    shouldn't have a problem. You know who you are :) so please

    take part in this thread, as I can not. Others on ET have been

    here a while, and are almost like a grandfather figure from the

    advice givin to each new wave of traders here on ET (myself

    included 3 years ago), and seem to know their stuff. In fact,

    I'd like to welcome anyone who wants to post their annual PnL,

    and make this thread more interesting.

    This is where the rubber meets the road, and I hope this

    thread grows as well as the Trader P/L 2008 thread has, and I

    ask the moderators to please keep this thread clean of the

    pikers, and sh-t talkers that tend to take over good threads.

    Don't do it for me, but rather to anyone who has decided to post

    such sensitive information. - Thanks.
  2. Let me have the privilege of being the first to point out the basic flaw in your premise. The truly successful will have no need or want of "recognition and praise" especially from this site. If you pay attention you can start to recognize which traders are for real (hint: not very many) and which ones are not. I would question not only the veracity but also the wisdom of any trader that would go out of their way to post their account statement here.

    Since trading is about probabilities, I will venture that it is rather improbable you will obtain that which you seek from this thread.

    After almost 3000 posts, you are still grasping at straws.
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    Make sure you also list bank balances and account numbers, mother’s maiden name and social security number.
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    nkhoi Moderator

    after a few beers, an 'outstanding' thread idea was born! :D
  5. LOL, ET, you can't buy this stuff at the Comedy Club. :D :D :D
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    C- kid


    I offered my help to you, you laughed it off

    now I won't help you with any shit

    all you have left is to read my posts as COLD and ORIGINAL

    but I know it won't help you

    cause you just don't fukin have what it takes

    you need some GROWING up to do first

  7. I know a bunch just from being in the ET chat room for the last 5 months, although I have no intention of giving away their names.

    The successful traders here at ET don't need recognition. They have certainly blown me away w/ their trading ability. Their bank accounts, as well as their skill, does not need to be broadcast here on ET.

    And I DEFINITELY know, they would not want me to put their names up here so newbies can PM them about their secrets.

    If the OP is looking for some guidance as to trade profitably why not just simply post a thread asking for mentorship ? I'm sure there would be a few seasoned members here that would not mind giving some help.
  8. :mad: OK, nevermind, just forget it.

    This is not about me looking for a mentor, or anything to do with my trading.

    I've asked the moderators nicely to please keep this thread clean and professional, yet the only one that bothered to post, has decided to poke fun instead.

    No, successfull traders dont NEED to post here...they dont NEED praise or recognition. I just thought it would be a good idea for a thread so I'm oh so very sorry if some of you dont like it....NOT.

    I hope at least ONE person choose to post an account, and keep this thread alive, and that the moderators don't let this turn to garbage just like 90% of all the other threads here.
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    [/thread already]
  10. Looks like a beat your account balance by 14 cents:
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