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    Considering that these are the 10 best systems, I can only conclude that a lot of systems have been struggling in the past 3 or so years, or there is too much emphasis being placed on historical performance.

    I was interested to see that Fitschen is still selling Aberration (and also I-Master) but he doesn't recommend the use of these systems alone but rather as a combo, so that if one is not working the others can pick up the slack.

    I must say, trading systems like Aberration, Basis II and Trendchannel which have gone nowhere in the past 2 or 3 years takes a special type of trader.

    Stuckey's system Golden SX has been superceded by his Catscan 3 Plus system which would appear to be a better alternative system at this time.

    Ready-Set-Go is a weekly trading system which is quite surprising considering that its drawdowns are low.

    R-Breaker is having a tough time recently. I suspect some adjustment of the system parameters would help. But certainly the lack of volatility in the SP market is has been a major issue. When I spoke to John Hill at one of the trading expos, he thinks that R-Breaker will recover in the future. We'll see how long we'll have to wait for this.

  2. "systems can stay in drawdowns far longer than trading accounts can retain adequate capital"

    You can quote me on that.

    My take: once a system goes beyond it's historically-tested worst drawdown, it's time to "pull the plug"...or make a change.
  3. Probably right.

    Wouldn't think so.
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    Also interesting, 7 are longer term trend mostly;
    3 are smaller term trend/countertrend.:cool:

    [Futures Magazine/stocks.futures,options]
  5. Good questions.
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    Does this website have a main page
    with link to all those PDFs? Interesting readings...
  7. Sorry....not right now....coming soon however.
    Thanks for asking.