Top 10 hard-to-fill US jobs

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    Don't worry, there will be plenty of loan brokers, real estate agents, and perma-bull investors looking for new jobs soon. :D
  2. They'll be doing landscaping for the perma bears' lawns. :D
  3. why is truck driver on the list?
  4. I'm starting to like you......:p
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    why is truck driver on the list?

    because their is a huge shortage of them especially long haul
  6. No one wants to do it?
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    my understanding is that their is actually an increase of the amount of freight because of China exports. Besides that, DOT changed how many hours drivers could drive in a day so that caused some freight to move lower. In addition drug testing got stricter which disqualified alot of people. I read some where about many early retiree couples becoming pair long haul drivers. its actually very lucrative.
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    Did you guys get this conversation from a New Yorker cartoon? Totally hilarious! :D
  9. Ordering through drive thru is a bitch. Also, ever try picking up chicks in those things? Not like you get the cream of da crop...
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