Top 10 Democrat sex scandles

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  1. 10. Sen. Daniel Inouye. The 82-year-old Hawaii Democrat was accused in the 1990s by numerous women of sexual harassment. Democrats cast doubt on the allegations and the Senate Ethics Committee dropped its investigation.

    9. Former Rep. Gus Savage. The Illinois Democrat was accused of fondling a Peace Corps volunteer in 1989 while on a trip to Africa. The House Ethics Committee decided against disciplinary action in 1990.

    8. Rep. Barney Frank. The outspoken Massachusetts Democrat hired a male prostitute who ran a prostitution service from Frank’s residence in the 1980s. Only two Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to censure him in 1990.

    7. Former Sen. Brock Adams. The late Washington Democrat was forced to stop campaigning after numerous accusations of drugging, assault and rape, the first surfacing in 1988.

    6. Former Rep. Fred Richmond. This New York Democrat was arrested in 1978 for soliciting sex from a 16-year-old. He remained in Congress and won re-election—before eventually resigning in 1982 after pleading guilty to tax evasion and drug possession.

    5. Former Rep. John Young. The late Texas Democrat increased the salary of a staffer after she gave in to his sexual advances. The congressman won re-election in 1976 but lost two years later.

    4. Former Rep. Wayne Hays. The late Ohio Democrat hired an unqualified secretary reportedly for sexual acts. Although he resigned from Congress, the Democratic House leadership stalled in removing him from the Administration Committee in 1976.

    3. Former Rep. Gerry Studds. He was censured for sexual relationship with underage male page in 1983. Massachusetts voters returned him to office for six more terms.

    2. Former Rep. Mel Reynolds. The Illinois Democrat was convicted of 12 counts of sexual assault with a 16-year-old. President Bill Clinton pardoned him before leaving office.

    1. Sen. Teddy Kennedy. The liberal Massachusetts senator testified in defense of nephew accused of rape, invoking his family history to win over the jury in 1991.
  2. does this somehow make what foley did ok?
  3. All that and no mention of Monica and Bill. Nothing about other allegations either? You going soft a Mr. Clinton? Some pun intended!
    You see radical lefties? This is what happens in these pissin' contests. This Foley story only has legs cuase it's an election year. Other than that, it's business as usual for these cock hounds.:p
  4. Another one for the list -

    Democrat Governor of Oregon Neil Goldschmidt: sex with a 14 year old girl while mayor of Pornland. . .

    On May 6, 2004, shortly before a planned article in the local Willamette Week newspaper, Goldschmidt publicly announced that in the mid 1970s during his first term as mayor of Portland he had engaged in a lengthy sexual relationship with a girl who was 14 years old. Their relations constituted statutory rape under Oregon law.
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    Fooley is not only a hypocritical faggot who was the sponser of a gay marriage ban amendment to the American constitution, but the low life faggot is also an alcoholic. I always knew there was something suspect about american Repulicon family values, it's centered around anal sex with young boys!! :D;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

    Foley, 52, a Florida Republican, resigned last Friday after he was confronted with sexually explicit electronic messages he had sent teenage male pages. He has since entered an alcohol rehabilitation facility at an undisclosed location. Through his lawyer, he has denied having had any sexual contact with minors.

    Now the lowlife fag is pulling a "Clinton" .

    Fooley : "What is your definition of Sexual contact"

    Congressional Investigative Panel: Well Mr. FagFooley, it's defined as direct contact between your genitalia and the young boys genitalia or anus.

    Fooley: I made sure to use condoms, so there was no direct contact as per your definition. Therefore I did not have sexual contact with minors!!!!

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