Tools to Manage Trades and Balances

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by xraptorx, Nov 10, 2009.

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    Hey Guys,

    I have a ThinkorSwim papertrade account and I realised that discovering my managing my account is quite abstract with the tools there. I wonder how you guys are doing it and if there are some other tools out there to help?

    For example as of 10 Nov 09 I have the following in my TOS Acct Summary:
    NET LIQ VALUE: $99,968.76
    START OF TODAY: $100,378.26
    STOCK BUYING POWER $62,778.26
    OPTION BUYING POWER $62,778.26
    MARGIN $37,600.00
    P/L OPEN $404.50
    P/L YTD $193.50

    In Oct 09, I had TOTAL P/L YTD: ($311.00)

    Questions and Guidance Sought:

    A. Why is Net Liquid Value less than Start of Today balance by $409.5

    B. P/L YTD seems to include open PL is this correct?

    C. There is no good way to see why and what positions causes the loss in October - how do you all track the trades to learn from your mistakes?

    D. Most of my credit spread trades gave me 4%+ return on margin. There are some Cash Secured Puts in the Nov trades as well which caused the margin to increase so much. However, I cannot see why my overall return is so low compared to the credit spreads. How do you track the return by position and determine why the overall return is so low compared to the margin ( $404.5 / $37,600.00 )

    Is there a good spreadsheet you guys use or other 3rd party application?