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  2. yes...I want one of those little virtual reality devices like on the movie strange days. You put it on your head and suddenly you are there. I also want a real lightsaber and Jedi powers. I would also like a fusion generator that will power my house for 1000 years on 2 ounces of water. A spaceship that is capable of intergalactic travel would be nice too. I also want them to bring back frosted krispies, and change the cereal smacks name back to sugar smacks. I also think they should bring back indentured servitude. Now that would really make my life alot easier :) I also want a pill made that will allow me to live forever. Thats about it.
  3. Here's my problem: sometimes when I brew coffee I want iced coffee not hot coffee & I don't want to wait for it to get cold.

    To solve this, I need an appliance like a microwave oven, except instead of heating things quickly, it cools things quickly & even to the point of freezing something, like instantly making ice cubes.

    Seems like someone should be able to invent this.
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    I never saw that movie, but if they ever invent a holodeck like on Star Trek, that'll spell the end of mankind. I know I'd never come out of it unless I absolutely had to.
  6. I was up late one Saturday night after having had some of the usual beverage and got sucked into watching an infomercial on the magic bullet that blends things into guacamole and makes individual drinks. I bought it. Works great. Really does make my life easier.

    I think that Ron Popiel ought to be more appreciated for the devices he has come up with and marketed. I am not sure if it is his product, but those ginzu knives really do work.
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    Walden, by Henry David Thoreau.
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    I was about to purchase that...for my krpy..what do u think??
  9. I agree. That is a problem. But if you apply yourself and focus, then in time you will come to the realization that coffee was intended to be savored hot.
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    I want a search engine that searches for mp3s.
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