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    Can anyone name any good tools for researching pairs trades and looking for stat arbitrage opps across a broad range of markets (excluding bonds). I dont want anything too sophisticated but it needs to be robust, have as minimum end of day data and low cost (or eveb free).


  2. most people on here use and their software now has the ability to analyze stocks, futures, options and FX across the globe, data is 15min delayed and free, otherwise a paid subscription for real time data. pretty sure this is what your looking for.
  3. says i need sql server 2008?...which one the free trial?..
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  4. Thanks so much for the link.
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    SQL Server 2008 express
  6. Any introduction book on pairs trading. Thanks
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    dont waste your time, pairs trading does not work.
  8. considering i posted my trades in real time on my journal here for close to a year and returned 110% I would say it does work, I and many others I know continue to use it everyday. maybe it didn't work for you and that doesn't mean it won't work for others.

    yeah if your using vista or win 7 you need SQL 2008, this is the correct link i used when i upgraded
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