Tools and resources to trade the open?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by d0rian, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. d0rian


    I'm looking for any online tools or resources that were perhaps created or optimized for the chaotic window leading up to the 9:30 open. I know that's a broad Q, but I'm not even sure what's out there. One thing that would be beneficial: zeroing in on where the first trade(s) are going to come in as the minutes/seconds tick down to 9:30:00. I can monitor the pre-market trades and the L2 windows, obviously, but:
    1. There's often no premarket trades that go through even when there's an expected gap up/down (e.g. on less liquid tickers)
    2. I'm unclear on how much stock to put in premarket bids/offers, since from what I gather there's a fair amount of cat-and-mouse chicanery with premarket quotes (I suppose trying to manipulate others into a false sense of what the open will be?)
    So just trying to get more scientific about pinning down the open. But really ANY tools to help in that narrow window leading up to 9:30 would be helpful, thanks.