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Discussion in 'Trading' started by website, Nov 20, 2010.

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    Is there a tool that could read out contents of and flyonthewall as they get refreshed?

    How difficult would it be to write a FireFox addon to do that? I am a decent programmer.

    Would love to have the contents read out via an audio addon instead of having to read it all the time. ;-)

    I am trying to improve my trading tools. One addon I use is SplitBrowser

    Using SB, I divide a FireFox window in 2 parts. One I use for Briefing the other for fly. That way, I can read both news sources in one window. Otherwise, I have to toggle back and forth between two FireFox windows. Makes my trading day that much more easier.

    Any other little improvements that you guys have or can suggest?
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    I also use Free NaturalReader to read out Briefing/fly. I select some text and hit the play button and FNR does a very good job.

    I want to take this one step further. Instead of what I currently do, it would be better if a program/addon realizes that briefing has refreshed new text and should auto read it out to me. Hence am thinking of a addon to do this.
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    From the fly on the wall website:

    Fly Radio, a squawk box for individual investors, is an audio product that broadcasts throughout the trading day our live news feed. Hear the first whispers of equity news all reported by seasoned market professionals while saving space on your desktop.
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    Fly audio is good. Nowadays, I listen mainly to newsstrike. It is free and good.
  5. I wrote something for that many years ago. see pm