Tool for RT Charting with IB quotes ??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hardcash, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. hi miki,

    perhaps i dont get the point. lets says i transmit a buy stop order for enter long. i will get filled at the time, the TWS (or IB) trigger the stop price. if i had another (or two) separate datafeed, and they show a different quote at that time, what could it help me ?

    the background is that i am only trading 2 markets, NQ and some european bond future and simply dont need esignal or something alike for $150 or more.

    perhaps i start charting by hand, drawing it on paper with a pecil... :D

    :) trading
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  2. Thug_Life,

    Scottrade's datafeed is represented as being real time, but they run a late tape, at least that was my experience when I compared their feed against IB's a couple weeks ago by running T&S for INTC from each of them simultaneously on my monitors. Scotrade was leap-frogging trades, as well as running about 2 minutes behind IB in the morning and 4-6 minutes near close (sort of like "instant replay.")

    OTHO, I've found that Lycos' "Live Charts" does a good job of staying with IB, pretty much tick for tick, enough so to trade off of their charts.

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