Tool for RT Charting with IB quotes ??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hardcash, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. Hello all,

    this topic might be brought up in the past, but i could not found something.

    my question is:

    is there a simple real time charting tool/software (just for charting price) available that can be feed with the quotes from the IB TWS via DDE or ActiveX (?)

    is there a possibility to create a simple RT price-chart with excel ?

    thanks a lot

    :) trading
  2. coops


    go to the IB website and go into the discussion forum - API section. There is indeed a simple charting prog there - it works, has one 20SMA and can be 1,3,5 ,....?? not bad.... no backfill obviously.

    Don't know when Medved QT will get IB integrated....

  3. thanks coops,

    checked it out, not bad, not yet really familiar with that tool...QT would be great, did they projekt to work on this ?

    good luck
  4. wild

    wild ... click on "SnapDragon RT" - "Data Feeds" - read about direct linkage to IB´s TWS under "Trading Platforms"


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  6. sierra has very nice charts. But it is nice to have a separate data feed in case IB goes down. If IB is down and your charts are still up, you can see if the market is moving in your favor and maybe spare yourself a heart attack.
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    Good point.
  8. There are free real-time charts at and (must register, but still free)

    just fwiw
  9. thanks all,

    sierra chast seems to be an option. my point ist simple, if you trade on the TWS quotes, why not chart them. this would be the most accurate chart available...

    :) trading
  10. Miki


    Are you suggesting a single data feed, hardcash?

    All the eggs in one basket?

    I don’t think so!

    Unless both of my data feeds are in sync – I don’t enter a trade.
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