Took out a loan to transition to full-time trading. Now 27 years old.

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    Hello Guys -

    I quit my Private Equity job back in 2016, took out massive shark loans, and decided to daytrade for a living. Sound crazy? Haha well.. it's been.. different. If you have time to kill, it's an interesting read (LINK ABOVE).

    3.5 years later, I'm still alive! YES!!!!!
    and still trying to trade for a living.

    I will be keeping a record of my daily results on a google sheet for public to view, and will try to post clips from my trading with commentary so others can see why I've made those trades.

    Hope you guys favorite this page and follow me on my journey to become a millionaire! Roar!
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    Post trade history and balances.

    I don't believe you're beating 26% APR after expenses. Not at all.
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    have you even read the initial thread before attacking the guy ? No of course not. He's not exactly killing it. He's been pretty honest through the whole thing.
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    It isn't very hard if you are leveraged and lucky. It is 3.5 years not 20 years.
    It is a sucker bet though, as you can get 2% loan from the market rather than 26%.
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  5. Are you earning more from day trading than your private equity job? Answering this question will tell you whether day trading was worth your time.

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  6. You worked in private equity and took a loan to trade? Did you clean toilets there?this website is so full of bullshitters but this one is particularly hilarious. Thanks for the chuckle.

  7. Private equity is a cheap bunch of fuckers for anyone who isn't a partner in my experience
  8. Not true generally speaking.

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  9. Should clarify that I meant in my experience which is limited in geography.
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    WABU is the next Booya( Fast Money -Cramer)
    WABU! WABU! :D
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