Took out a loan to transition to full-time trading. 24 years old.

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by wabu27, Mar 14, 2016.

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    we did not need to... if we did we would become old prematurely :)
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    The interest tax deductible ?
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    I think only if its a business loan for a business entity that the trader is trading thru depending upon the country.

    Thus, I don't think its tax deductible if its a "personal loan" for a trader.

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    And business loans are only deductible to 30percent of your income.
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    Depends on the country you are living in. In many European countries one are able to deduct one third of interest against salary.

    If you get a $40,000 unsecured personal loan for 5% you pay a effective rate of 3.33% annually. You need full time employment of course to get a low borrowing rate from retail bank.

    The interest amount is deducted from you income tax. The government/state will pay part of your interest. They subsidize your borrowing.
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    ...depending upon the country you live in (country location of the business loan).

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    yes. I was assuming he was in the USA.
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    I live in Qu├ębec, Canada but I'm a citizen of France and the U.S.

    Own business in France and Canada...both with business loans. I'm not too familiar with business loans & taxes in the U.S. even though I grew up there. Yet, I do have a tax account familiar with taxes in all three countries that charges me a mint every year :(

    Yet, he has guided me successfully thru two audits :cool:

    Tip: Be careful about what you disclose online...the info can be used against you. :wtf:

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    I guess wabu27 the OP blew up some time ago ?
    Hope he didn't borrow off the mafia !!
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  10. If OP is 24 yo, then you have roughly 60 years of opportunity, until 84.

    Suppose you have 10K of cash , then

    1) with annual 5% compounded, 10*1.05^60 = 186.7919K is expected.
    2) with annual 10% compounded, 10*1.1^60 = 3044.816K is expected.

    If you have saving of 100K, then

    1) with annual 5% compounded, 100*1.05^60 = 1867.919K is expected.
    2) with annual 10% compounded, 100*1.1^60 = 30448.16K is expected.
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