Took a 50% hit. Time to see how long it takes to make 100%.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by athlonmank8, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. Holding short. Covered 1/2 position @ close +.60.

    Sell signal was confirmed in markets as well. Holding rest with stop moved to 41.

    Target 38
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  2. Anytime you leverage a trade thinking it's a no brainer and will go much higher than where you bought, you're probably going to blow up.

    Anytime you buy thinking the price is too low and fundamentally cheap, the price will keep on going lower

    Anytime you sell thinking the price can't possibly go any higher, it will probably keep on going much higher while you watch from the sidelines.

    Anytime you think you're going to enter a position on the next correction, the price will usually never correct. It's the minute you buy that the price will then correct. And the correction will usually be a violent one.

    Anytime someone gives you a market tip that's a "sure thing", 99.999% of the time you'll lose money on that trade. By the time the information got to you, it's already priced in.

    Anytime fear grips you and you start sweating while in a trade making you exit the trade. That particular position would have made you a fortune.
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  3. wise words
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  4. HAL still holding short. Stop moved to even. Not a bad sell signal I must say.

    Still in sell territory. However, markets going to see another whipsaw tomorrow.

    We're at support and I dont think we're going to break this level.

    Either way, still looks a lot like 2000.
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  5. XBOT



    When will you ever learn?

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  6. lol todd. Nah, I got it this time. HAL target hit.

    +10% now. Was a rough ride.

    Going to be an interesting next few weeks.
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  7. 1 down many to go. For those guys that want to rip this thing apart. HAL was called .30 off the top for a 2.5 point move. and a 1 point stop.

    In addition, (an it's not a coincidence) the market also was topped and retraced approx 600 points.

    Im keeping this one to myself. Too much time put into this.

    GL trading guys. Going to be putting this to use with options in a bit.

    So far works with day trading the ES and equities as well as swing trades.

    Just need to program a stockcharts scan for this now and im set.
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  8. hah!
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  9. HAL 36.7 +~8%
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  10. bellman


    did you not already close it on friday, or were you letting it ride?
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