Took a 50% hit. Time to see how long it takes to make 100%.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by athlonmank8, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. why oh why can't people get this right? Loose = not tight. lose = did not win. For Christs sake its not that hard.
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  2. So, any updates on the trading?

    Always interested in talking shop with someone who is finding their way.

    Good trading,

    Jimmy Jam
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  3. lindq


    Past results are never a guarantee of future profits.

    How many times have we all read that? Well, read it again.

    The point is, no matter how strong the system has been performing, the seatbelt sign at the trading desk is ALWAYS illuminated. Seatbelt always fastened.
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  4. Good luck athlonmank8,
    I've been in your position and can tell you that it will be a long grind back up to where you were. Take it one day at a time and avoid focusing on how much you lost.
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  5. You're right. Exactly. Gaining back as we speak. Details after close. Nothing spectacular.
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  6. Thanks! Appreciate it
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  7. K taking an overnight. Short HAL 40.5.

    System uses a M/A cross. Candle stick trailing stop.

    Not going into anymore detail.

    HAL at upper edge of resistance. Stop @ 41.5
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  8. Well, update is...there isn't one. I use Laser and they shut the damn system down @ 5. I was gone at 5.

    Anyways, I was down today. Very little, however I did have a negative day. I was up into the first 2 hours (4%) and then went ape shit realizing that this would take forever. I think you guys are right, and it's time to take a break. I dont have the mindset right now for this.

    Day started with a long PHM, short GOOG, and short DIS. Was 3 for 3 and I believe I ended the day 4/9.

    I took a short on HAL at the end because it's a move i've been meaning to try for a while (week long swing). The moving average signal correlates to daily as well as intraday and there's been several times where it was profitable. Figured i'd give HAL a shot since it had one of the better setups.

    The daily stops were pulled for the long on HAL. Several times this will lead to a reversal as long as the MA's have crossed.

    My stop is a trailing stop using a candle technique i've established. If all goes well ill give a play by play instead to show you how it works.

    Step one...MA's have crossed. Usually stock will retrace past the upper MA and then roll-back over. The short signal is USUALLY at the break of the uptrend HOWEVER, if you're willing to risk the extra % failure, you can short the "top" like I did. Stop is simple. Just inside the 52-week high.

    That's it for now. Stop 1 point away from entry.
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  9. Money management rules that IMPROVE a systems return characteristics ("makes it a winner") are always a red flag IMHO. Risk management should typically reduce returns but at the same time influence volatility parameters positively (i.e. Max. DD decreases, Std. Dev. of returns decreases, etc.)
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  10. You're referring to something different than what Im talking about. It's not a form of risk management. It's a form of trend-riding that's im using.
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