Toobins back!! Too good to shiite-can?

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  1. CET


    He was welcomed back, yet no one would shake his hand. :rolleyes:
  2. It's a bitch when a lefty has a problem that they are unable to blame on Trump.

    Yeh, it is lonely out there.

  3. Arnie


    Gotta give the guy a hand, er credit, for owning it and not blaming it on some "ism" he suffered.

  4. How do you know he is a lefty... did you watch hs spank video?

    ALso how did Allyson say all that with a straight face without vomiting...
  5. So jerking off is a capital crime now? Embarrassing in this situation? Yes? But she's putting this in the same category as Clinton, Weiner, Trump. Spitzer? Total idiotic woke metoo nonsense. He'd be better off making some self deprecating humor rather than this apology tour. More 17th century puritanism from the "progressive" left.
  6. gwb-trading


    "Welcome back to CNN, Jeffrey... let's recap for the viewers why you haven't been here lately"

  7. Was he arrested or sent to jail?

    No... he still has a job...

    But he exposed himself to coworkers borders on illegal but definitely fireable offense and if he has to clean off his knuckles and apologize to keep his job, well he is better off than Spitzer and Weiner who no longer have careers.
  8. The guy admitted to - because he had no choice based on "the evidence"- stroking his weasel while viewing his colleagues on Zoom and while on the CNN payroll/contract. Clearly a sexual act -not just an accidental slip up.

    He should have been fired, and gone. Zero tolerance.

    Instead, CNN adopts this "a little bit is okay and lets just let this thing blow over and we will bring Jeff back" approach.

    Very low level of leadership and standards exhibited by CNN.
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  9. As things go today his actions are tame. At least he didn't unload on the screen. I'm just saying, putting this in the same category as a Anthony Weiner is absurd. Should he have been fired? Of course.