Too old to get a trader job ?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by skanan, Mar 31, 2006.

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    I consider switch my career to become a trader. I don't have much experience in trading yet but I like it. I'm more than 35 years old so I am afraid that those trading firms would not want to hire me.

    My background is in Engineering.

    Any thoughts or opinion ?

  2. 35 is young.
    You may have 30-40 productive years left.

    An engineering background is perfect.
    I switched from software engineer to trader at age 34.
    That was about 300,000 trades ago.

    Go for it. And never look back.


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  3. I am I guess I am out of luck....
  4. Nick,

    My background is also in Engineering. I am quite a bit older than you. I will be trading until I can't do it anymore.


    Why would you want to go to work for a "trading firm"? Why not trade for yourself....have some independence.

  5. skanan


    Since I am still learning, I don't want to spend my own money. I thought working for other people could give me both learning experience and protection of capital.

    I'm more interested in option trading than stock.

    Questions for all: If I put up $25K into prop-trading firm, will it be better than working for institution ?

    For all who start late, how did you get job in trading firm ? Did you go prop-trading route instead.
  6. This is really funny...
    And embodies the attitute that will get you exactly no where:
    "I'll get someone else to put up the money and take all the risk... then I will reep the rewards".

    You are not starting late.
    You're brain is paralyzed by various stereotypical mindsets.
    Mescaline will help you with this.

    Also, like the man said... maybe spend some time with a crazy Latin chick.


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  7. Engineering background is good, do you have exceptional math skills? Why dont you send a resume to SIG, its worth a shot. Highlight your math, decision making, and problem solving skills.
  8. What kind of a job do you want? A prop trader is by no stretch of any imagination a real job! So you want to get a real job on a trading desk somewhere? Or what? define your goal please 'cause the answer depends on what you seek...
    Why not just get some knowledge of futures spreads and trade them part time to see before you quit your engineering gig, if you are still working that is.....
    Prop firms will use you as a dildo and you'll likely learn crap!
    I have been with the first prop firm before it was fashionable to
    daytrade. I traded on the floor of MidAm and CBOT and also traded on my own and still do. I am an ex-computer consultant for 17 years. Now I work in a Casino at nights. Take my word for it - it is great to have a paycheck weekly plus health insurance and trade when you want and how you want.
  9. Cheese


    Correct. It won't happen.
  10. You need to pick a firm that is stable and will bring you along.

    Trading is such a result-oriented could be out with just a few bad months.

    You need a firm that understands traders and trading.

    Michael B.
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