Too much TV can cause autism

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  1. That is messed up... I'm speechless. :(
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  2. honestly, i first saw this clip only a few weeks ago myself.
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  3. this is discusting. Love of money truly is the root of all evil.
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  4. ElCubano


    there are several theories for the rise in SENSORY INTERGRATION DYSFUNCTION.... better diagnosis and themirosal and also eviromental the end the spectrum is huge...from mild sensory issues to the other side of the spectrum severe....
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  5. promagma


    I am willing to bet they will discover that autism is a synergy between mercury exposure and cell wall deficient (CWD) pathogens.
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  6. I wonder what the EU position on vaccines is.

    Their position maybe marginally safer.

    Take - for instance - petrolatum (aka Vaseline, aka petroleum jelly). Petrolatum is in everything in the US: creams, cosmetics, and many other products. But it is banned in the EU and listed as a toxin.
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  7. Makes you wonder about the real pourpose of the FDA.
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