Too much TV can cause autism

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  1. did you read the research??? these professors are economist, we all know how bad their track records are. their hypothesis is that children that live in "high precipitation" counties watched more TV and therefore this correlates with increased rates of autism. the other correlate for increased viewing was counties with high cable television content/subscriptions, also experienced increase viewing and a rise in autism. bottomline this is an epidemic that is going under reported and this study is trumpeted by the mainstream media to divert the true causes. the CDC is complicit in covering the tracks of the pharmaceuticals and their liability regarding mercury toxicity poisoning. read the article linked below and start to wake up.

    rates have gone from 1 in 100,000 to 1 in 166.
  2. excellent lecture on this dynamic:

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  3. All manner of heavy metal poisoning, has been prevalent since the romans-and even they knew what was going on .

    How has this been swept under the carpet, in the last 50 odd years?
    The answer of course, is "conveniently", this is the most shocking illness to have existed -since the black death.
    Hiv is a blip on the radar to these sob's, just not a problem, it isnt happening now, they say-or is it?

    Um, this might be off topic, but there it is.
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    The FDA and the CDC are pharma's first line of legal defense.
  5. It's obfuscation by economists who are funded by the pharma lobby. Thimerosal is no longer in the shots, but kids are still becoming autistic within weeks of the inoculation.
  6. can you say class action??? this would be so big it would wipe out the corporations responsible.
  7. "Rat of the Week"

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  8. is this true????