Too Much Personal B.s. On Et Lately

Discussion in 'Events' started by slapshot, Feb 4, 2003.

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  1. Am I the only one who is very sick of all the personal attacks and other non-trading related "wars" going on lately?

    Could we all just play nice and get back on relevant topics?

    BTW Vendors, we know what you are doing so stop spamming us.

    Peace, Brotherhood and Green PnL to All.

  2. Agree. There seems to be about a half dozen members doing most of the personal attacking, and those half dozen are probably the same two or three people with multiple names. It's not hard to spot them either, because their language is generally crude and juvenile (and they probably are adolescents as they appear to be).
  3. Tea


    "Feedback" type threads are being used as Chit-chat.

    Perhaps its time to take feedback threads off the main menu like with chit-chat.
  4. Sorry, I'm such a loser...

    I'll try to hold my egoistical impulsions...

    Seriously... I'll stop!!!

    Ummm... wha? Got a problem with me?


  5. ALICE


    Yes I am sick of it too and I sincerely believe it to be the work only several juveniles who shouldn't be permitted to associate with the adults anymore.
  6. LOL. I cannot help but see Jim Carey in Liar Liar beating himself up in the restroom during the trial.
  7. yes..I'm sick of it too. i spend less and less time on this site ...too much B.S. to sort through
  8. dbphoenix


    Unfortunately, there are two moderators who engage in the same sort of behavior. Given the example they set, they're hardly in a position to scold rank-and-file members.

    Like other members, I razz buffoons when I'm bored, but, for the most part, I ignore the threads. Both Baron and the moderators know what's going on with mrmarket, and they'll either act or they won't. But nobody's under any obligation to read his (or any spoiler's) threads, much less post to them.

    My Ignore list grows longer every week. This saves time, it shows me which threads are largely made up of personal attacks and ego trips, and it helps me to avoid getting caught up in these flamefests, especially when they're directed toward me.

    We can alleviate if not solve the problem by taking the high road. Baron and the moderators are at bottom powerless. Even SI with its fee still gets this stuff.

  9. I have to admit to getting sidetracked...It's easy when you have certain morons posting wild things about the Iraq situation and or i have 19 inch biceps....and then it grows from there..I will try to refrain in the future from personal attacks
  10. dbphoenix


    Part of it is the market, TM. You get up all psyched for the day, you're faced with yet another narrow-range day, you get bored but you don't want to leave your desk in case something comes up, you stray through threads that you'd never be interested in otherwise, you make posts that you'd never in a million years make if there was anything else to do.

    A lot of this will simply disappear once this cow pulls its feet out of the mud. I suspect Baron knows that, which may be why he hasn't taken a more active role in this. These idiots aren't really hurting anybody since no one in his right mind would believe their claims. So perhaps it's just a matter of finding something else to do for the time being and let these guys rant to an empty theatre.

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