Too much news coverage of the sniper?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jbtrader23, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. As tragic as the story is, the media doesn't seem to realize that random and ridiculous shootings in this country happen all the time. With innocent victims. Case in point, drive by shootings in the inner city.

    As sad as this will sound, if these shootings were occuring in the inner city somewhere, it would be getting no where near the amount of news coverage and police involvement. But because it has occured in a well to do area near the nations capital, it has become front page news. In some ways, its great that it's made the front page. Hopefully it'll lead to catching this lunatic. But still, think about all those other shootings you don't hear about that get far less attention from the police.

    Remember the child abduction phenomenon? It seems so long ago. Elizath Smart and other Caucasian, middle to upper class young girls were kidnapped and the media jumped all over the story. But again, as tragic as it is, kids are abducted all the time. What made their cases any more special?

    The media has also gotten too PC on this issue. Instead of saying the "murderer" or "the killer", he/she is the "beltway sniper". It's the same thing whenever Al Qaeda is in the news. Instead of saying the "terrorists" or the "murders" (which they are), they are referred to as "operatives" or as one of Bin Laden's "lieutenant's". What nonsense.
  2. The military is now involved in this. Reconnaissance and surveillance equipment will be used in this manhunt. I hope it helps to catch the killer. But jeez, imagine if every this kind of effort went into other crimes? What a way to clean up the streets.