Too much negativity

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SCI new york, May 22, 2008.

  1. Oil driving the markets is ridiculous.
    There is just too much scared money out there not doing any good.
    Oil is the economy, forget about the real estate nonsense going on, thats on the back burner. Everything has been revolving around the black gold. Its retarded in my opinion, but im just another investor. hopefully oil starts to take the hard fall it deserves after this weekend. we'll see what happens.

    F#@k!ng scared money=screwing everyone else.

    "smart" money= keeping quiet

    markets need a strong bounce. outside of financials, fundamentals are still strong. a lot of this is overkill selling. techs are going to lead the way.
    3g iphone in june, new blackberry in august/september
    yahoo deal will happen just a question of who and for how much. People need to put oil aside
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  3. guess i walked into that one.

    but thanks anyways for being a jerkoff.
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    Yes you did and you're welcome.
  5. you're
    if you're going to be a wise guy, at least use correct grammar.
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    I've been doing that a lot lately but duly noted.
  7. I'm tyerd of pour grammur two.
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