Too many trading threads are being moved to chit chat

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by stock_trad3r, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. back in 2006-2007 there was more tollerance but it seems too many threads about market direction especially or 'up room to go' threads are getting moved to chit chat. I think it's being overdone. How about keeping a few of them for those who follow the market?
  2. You don't follow the market. That's obvious. You scream "buy!" all day every day no matter what.

    That is not market analysis, that is a pathological cry for attention and should be in chit chat.

    The same people keep posting the same dumb shit constantly:

    "Black Monday, Tuesday, etc"

    "100% up room to go"

    "Still a Bull Market, if not I'll leave forever (sound familiar?)"

    "I'm Rowshan and I'm always right, do you agree? if so vote here on this poll".

    It gets ridiculous and you shouldn't be allowed to pollute the forums with that nonsense.
  3. But that's what made the trading forum fun in the past and in 2007, especially. If you wanted to discuss more nitty gritty stuff you could go to one of the individual forums such as 'futures' or 'trading for living'.
  4. Maybe it was fun for you, Rowshan, Port1385 and a few other trolls who crave attention no matter how negative, but to most others it was psychotic and unnecessary.

    No need to have the same psychotic and pathological posts being made every single day.

    Like I said- It was probably fun for you because it was your avenue to get your attention fix on a daily basis...even uhhh aren't even supposed to be posting anymore since you lost that bet and all.

  5. Amen!
  6. Tums


    what's wrong with Chit Chat?
    it is a respectable forum.
    (at least one notch above the politics and religion)
  7. Yeah exactly! Lots of good stuff there.

    And the best thing about turd3r, etc having their posts that they don't show up on the "recent posts" summary.

    See Turd3r, like Tums said, it's a respectable venue to voice your opinion....just uhh...away from the real trading discussion.
  8. stock_trad3r, if you ever want to make a post with some insight attached, or maybe a technical chart -well thought out commentary, etc., then perhaps your thread will remain in the trading section.

    But so far the crap you post gets me more PMs and "Kill This Thread" emails from complaints than I care to count. That, and the fact that even I -- with my relative inexperience in stocks -- can see that you are completely clueless in anything you type.
  9. It's not just my threads being moved though.
  10. You are not the only moron here.

    There is also Rowshan, Port1385, and a few others as well. You just happen to be the only one complaining about it.
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