Too many numbers being released

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  1. conumerprductspendingcapproindexgdp index number came out

    Every day there is another set of economic/maufacturing/consumer numnbers out and each one drives the market lower

    Since the fed pump 2 weesk ago the markets have been hit with 6 negative numbers

    This is a pin in the ass cuase it menas that mys stocks arent going up with all these numbers being released constantly
  2. and those are the absurdly doctored versions
  3. There's a time to be long and a time to be flat (and a time to be short).

    If you're long now you're insane.
  4. Yeah, how about that Chicago NAPM # last week.
  5. I am still long and I intend to ride this downturn out while buying dips if possible, but it is annoying when everyday there is another number and the nasdaq drops .3-.7% as a result

    and then that loser bernake pissed on our rally last week cause he didn't reiterate that inflation was under control

    Why does there have to be 5 housing numbers in a single month and 5 manufacturing numbers?
  6. hmmm I seem to recall, in the not so distant past, you saying the numbers were all factored in which is why the market was going up even when the numbers didnt look so hot...

    If the market went up today you'd be ranting about how the numbers didnt you did last week :)
  7. I'm too busy making money shorting the USD to mess with stocks.
  8. yea but when you have 5-7 lousy numbers + bernake in a 8 day timeframe they DO start to matter

    now the manufacturing number this morning....pffft markets all red thanks to it
  9. you yourself say that you are in this long term and you dont why dont you stop watching the price everyday ?

    Thats like staring at the teapot waiting for it to boil..

    FWIW I usually lose money on choppy days like this but BAC has been good to me today... its sucha weak stock..short it every time it has a decent run and you're golden ( at least until it doesnt work ..hehheh)
  10. totally... that had to have been complete bullshit given the timing here. then they go back and do these massive revisions on so many of the numbers. basically the definition of bullshit/manipulation

    i m o
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