Too Many New Nursing Graduates JOBLESS

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  1. Hey maybe those strippers weren't lieing about stripping for payment of nursing school lol... it's kind of bs articles as well because there are alot of private agencies and doctors office that hire nurses.
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    EVERY hospital is hiring on York Avenue right now in 10065.
    That article is total nonsense.
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    According to the authors of the articles, not "everywhere" and not "always".
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    not that you should pay attention to anecdotal information, for what its worth, i know 3 new nurse graduates that can not find jobs and say that is what it is like everywhere.
  5. I notice the nurse help wanted ads in my area (Florida) require years of experience in some specialty and many certifications; they are not entry level nursing jobs. My remember my nurse neighbor saying that the 5 year signing bonus for nurses at the hospital where she works is USA $ 15,000, was $ 50,000 a few years ago.
  6. Quality of the nurse's education matters as well. There are a lot of trade-school style nurses out there as opposed to those with 6+ years of education.
  7. So.... you're a nurse.... Lots of "minimalist/trade school" programs available to grant you the degree/title of "nurse"... but how good are they, really? Some "nurses" change sheets and empty bed pans. Others can prescribe medications and/or supervise nurse crews/shifts.

    Better.... continue education to become a PA... Physician's Assistant... 3 year Master degree equivalent.

    Expect $60-$120K starting salary.... top PA salary in my wife's pediatric ortho department... $200,000.

    Don't want to "bother" with so much education? Then don't have high expectations about your employment prospects.
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    Under Obama there will a shortage of doctors. as a stopgap measure there will be more hiring of nurses. also the baby boomer generation is going kaput which which will result in increased demand.
  9. Only experienced, not entry level.
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