Too many looking for the bottom

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by detective, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Bottoms are not handed on a silver platter. This is a bear market, short term bottoms are elusive indeed, and rallies are quick and spiky. Right now, there is no way we rally sustainably with everyone looking for that bounce to sell into.

    We may have to crack 1250 before we get hope washed away and put in a short term bottom. More headfakes to continue. Buyer beware in this bear of a bear's market.

    Oil is higher again, I underestimated that monster...
  2. leon7


    IMHO, market is set to rebound a little bit before 4 july and after that continue this free fall. Many took vacations and come back on 7 july 2008. I expect level of fear (VIX) go to 35-40 during summer before we touch real year bottom.

    As i observe for some time, actually everything is going on accordingly to this model. Take a look:
  3. Got Some Stocks here that on Bull and Continue North