Too many issues halted, IB screws up

Discussion in 'Trading' started by risktaker, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. After the halts are lifted, TWS does not take orders on the issues!
    This is actually not the 1st time their system screws up after trading halts. The transmit button just turns dark blue and nothing goes thru!

    Hope they fix this issue soon! Serious problem as I have to wait 'till tomorrow to exit positions.
  2. Did you phone them and ask to exit the positions?
  3. No, I never call. I'll get rid of the stuff tomorrow but it *does* piss me off. 3rd time now in the last 2-3 mos.

  4. What stock was it?

    edit: One of these?

    Date Halt
    Time Issue
    Symbol Issue Name Mkt Reason
    Code Date  Quote
    Time  Trade
    2/5/2007 16:11:10 MNT MENTOR CP THE C T1     
    2/5/2007 16:00:12 NSM NATL SEMICONDUCTOR C T2     
    2/5/2007 16:00:10 BLG BUILDING MATERIALS## C T2 2/5/2007    
    2/5/2007 09:32:16 QEE QUEENSTAKE RES LTD C T3 2/5/2007 11:08:22 11:08:22  
    2/5/2007 09:22:35 NTRT NetRatings Inc N T3 2/5/2007 10:00:00 10:05:00  
    2/5/2007 09:00:08 RMBS Rambus Inc N T3 2/5/2007 09:40:00 09:45:00  
    2/2/2007 15:36:44 SOV$A SOVEREIGN CAP TR III C D 2/5/2007    
    2/2/2007 09:38:22 KTS SOUTHERN CAP CORTS C D 2/5/2007    
  5. nassau


    When this happened to us in the past we just shut down tws and once logged back in tws would accept and execute orders okay.

  6. i got a couple of TWS popup messages saying SPY quote data was halted, not sure what that was all about..
  7. They weren't big positions, thus I'm not too upset but it IS annoying. 1 was LMC, also PAL and 1 airline stock, I forget which one now. Yes, I thought about exiting and logging back in but the reason I try not to do that is the P/L totals on the pages/symbols will not show up when you log back in unless you trade the same symbols again but it was 15 min to close and today was just not my kind of trading day.
  8. there was some AMEX issue ... which halted the stock
    I was looking at "SLV" briefly in the afternoon but later in the day I was able to execute
    using the ECN's