too many deer, or too many humans?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Shrewd Dude, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. few weeks ago i saw it discussed on the news that deer were being hunted to control their "over population." too many people were driving their cars into them.

    how about we fucking control the human population? maybe there's too many of us on this planet.

    PREDICTION: in the future, at birth, dna will be taken from the baby and stored in multiple geographical locations. the baby will then be sexually altered, so that it can't reproduce through sex. then, people will only be able to reproduce if they have the means to care for their children. ALSO, dna will be edited, removing undesirable traits. eventually, dna will be edited so that people are born unable to reproduce naturally.
  2. Or, more easy, we take away all government care &wellfare and people who get too many kids will starve.

  3. Too many aliases.
  4. I'm sorry, you must've meant people who get too many kids will start to rob everyone else.
  5. Simpler and more humane: STOP subsidizing people who have a boatload of kids with stupid tax breaks. These idiots require more support from government but pay less in taxes.

    We really don't have much to gain in a developed country from excess population.