Too many bears?

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    Too many bears?

    Making me wanna buy.

    The sky is falling... So what the PPT took the day off. Next week is op-ex. We haven't even retested support. Once we do buyers will be waiting.

    Minus 400 points on the dow big deal. Premium skyrockets and money is lying in the corner 100's just waiting to be scooped up. Just remember to ring the register frequently.

    The more timely stuff didn't even hardly budge downward today. When those washout we have a bottom.
  2. be very careful. remember 98 or 00 or 01, or half of 02. the fed will try and bail us out this time...
  3. Mr. I Eat Paintchips, do keep in mind that there is no comparison to 2001 or 2002.
  4. If you have the option to goto cash, that's always giving you 0.4% a month without any headaches and 200 point swings in 15 minutes.

    This is not the time to guess, it's time to protect your capital. Money making times on the long side will come back, maybe after a Fed bailout (1998 style) or if there's none then after 6-18 months of a slow drip lower as toxic waste is being discovered in different places one by one.

    Why jump in first? I'd let the market sort things out and watch for confirmation in the charts in the next couple weeks.
  5. "This is not the time to guess, it's time to protect your capital."

    this is a time to INCREASE your capital.

    for pete's sake, the opportunities are everywhere. this is supposed to be a TRADING website. traders can make $$$ off either direction. if you can't, you are not a trader.
  6. Did you read the thread at all?

    We're talking about medium term position trades on the long side and "finding a bottom".

    So you're increasing your capital by guessing bottoms and going long in sell offs? Good luck to you!
  7. In the 4 plus years of this bull market, the 80 week moving average (on a closing candle basis) has contained all pullbacks.
    There is no reason to believe it won't hold this time.
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    I agree. I am more bullish than bearish here. Sentiment has gotten out of control bearish lately. Remember the top in 2000? Nearly everyone was saying "buy this dip", now everyone convinced a new bear market has arrived. Numerous stats prove this (put/call ratio, odd lot shorts, VIX, etc). Fade the herd.
  9. Come on stock, is that the best you've got. Please tell us again the bear sterns (sic) is a "crappy" company and the sub prime is no big deal. Is today the bottom?
  10. I like PANIC trades ever made begin with PANIC DAYS !!! :D :D :D
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