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  1. Dear, Good day

    I was ET member 15 years ago, when it was lot busier because when you asked a question many people helped, and because of that it was busier and useful.

    Unfortunaly these day, Many Members share news, links, update ,,,It has become like a news source. These are not questions, they are just information shared, which just anyone can search them from Google, better not even post it on ET front page.

    But most questions related to trading, technocals, platforms, rules ...Etc , all goes unanswered or hardly anyone bother to reply to them. Or you should reward members who help frequently or gets "Like" with free monthly subscribtion from sponors to motivate them.

    I think to solve these problems, Few sub Forum thread, should not apear on the front page, because important questions from members get overlooked . Thank you
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  2. In Summery, Just Questions and Event/announcement from Sponors should apear on front page ... Any other shared information should not.
  3. El Trado

    El Trado

    The main issue is that there are very few traders here. It is mostly gamblers, beginners and "get rich quick"-type of people that frequent this site nowadays.

    It is probably too much to expect to get valuable insight from a bunch of people that believe 100x gearing is conservative and that one can become a successful trader by sending money to some "expert" on the internet.
  4. maxinger


    Have you tried other forums?

    If ET does not suit you, try others
    and see which one best suits you.
  5. I use Broker forum and related unoffical Facebook groups. And this is where most ET members go or new traders ask their questions.
  6. wrbtrader


    Correct, has become more like a news source (good and bad) which is why I see more none trading related threads showing up in search engines.

    Even if the none trading threads didn't appear on the front page...some members link to their messages at other social media sites / blogs.

    I think this results in new members joining ET that are not traders but joined because they want to engage in a certain type of conversation.

    I myself have started to dislike posting links in off-topic discussions that has nothing to do with trading even if someone demands a link. Yet, one particular topic of discussion here that I enjoy posting links is in the Covid-19 debates but I'm starting to get tired of posting links / graphs.

    In my opinion, this forum has the largest uncensored of disinformation / misinformation of none trading related discussions. A lot of stuff posted here by others would get flagged / deleted if such were posted at other social media sites.

    On the flip side, there's a good thing. Info here quickly gets buried and naturally no longer pop up on the front page because new threads start showing up.

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  7. wrbtrader


    I agree...

    Yet, I'm not sure if you're talking about none trading related sub-forums that you have to scroll down to the lower part of the forum to view. The owner puts those threads down at the bottom (I refer to it as the dungeon) for good reason.

    If that's what you're talking about...its called the Community Lounge with sub-forums like Chit Chat, Politics, Religion and Spirituality, Health and Fitness, Science and Technology, Luxury and Lifestyle, Music, Music Entertainment and Sports.

    Simply, guest visitors shouldn't be able to see those Community Lounge sub-forums until they join the forum.

    That's something easy to do. I've seen other forums show the important threads on the front page but the other threads like Chit Chat will only show up after a register member logs into the forum.

    That will help to minimize individuals joining this forum that are not traders.

    In contrast, the other trading related threads (there's a lot of them) are very useful in my opinion until you reach below into the Community Lounge threads.

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  8. Finally someone who exactly understand what i said and reprashed it better than me. ET forum needs to do something fast, before this site will have less and less sponsors in future, in my honest opinion.
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    Baron ET Founder

    The reason you may not see as many questions as you have in the past is because a lot of questions have already been answered here from years past. So the answer to a person's question can often be found using the search feature here instead of him needing to post the question all over again in the forums.
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    I don't think you ever answered the question..."Can ET core a apple"? No point starting a new thread on this, since you are here.
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