Too Good To Be True?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by khswan, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. khswan


    With the overall health of the market being of the utmost concern at these uncertain times, I’ve been searching for something, or someone who has a better understanding of the market trends without giving undeveloped assumptions and unsupported explanations. The domino effect of the dismal housing market has spurred a chain reaction which has begun to affect the subprime mortgage market. The growing panic over the ill-monitored pricing of the CDO’s and steady decline of the dollar value has left me in need of something more concrete and permanent when it comes to following the market trends.
    Searching through all of the financial websites for a more reliable source, going through many columns of financial “gurus” giving their explanations of the current situation and throwing darts at future expectations left me with very little hope. But then I came across, they didn’t offer any guesses to future expectations but claim scientific backing of their forecasts. At first I thought this was another dime-a-dozen forecast website based on historical trends and lagging statistics. But the “95% accuracy since February of 2006 in determining the market trends week to week” they claim was a new one for me and was worth a looking into. After I followed it for a few weeks I realized that this claim held up against the very erratic market flow and I was convinced to take my curiosity to a further extent.
    So I ask if anyone has had any experience using this website and has had successful results from it?