Too broke to get a divorce?

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  1. I actually know someone in this situation (and they have one child). It is very sad to see them go through this.
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    My brother might be in this situation. He isn't broke, far from it. However, he has confided in me that he would like to get out of his marriage but there is no way he can sell his house! (phoenix) So he is just going through life with a spouse that causes him nothing but grief.
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    like they say around these here parts...

    "It's Cheaper to keep Her"....

  4. I went through something like this (quite a few years ago) during the last economic downturm before Bubba was elected.

    It got so bad that I just walked-out and let the lawyers settle the pieces.

    Lost mostly everything (in a material sense) from the relationship, but I got my freedom and there were no kids.

    It's a bad scene no matter how you look at it and makes you mature and think long and hard before you do something with your ... well, you get the message. :p

    Oh yeah, Happy Holidays! :D
  5. Yep.

    The only thing I'll add is that DO NOT HAVE KIDS until you are as sure as reasonably possible that you love your spouse, or at the least, think they'll make a great parent.

    Children change the entire equation.

    And if you happen to love your spouse AND they're a fantastic parent, consider yourself extremely fortunate and never take it for granted.

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    Oh man, that sucks!
    Does this mean that I have to stay with this woman through thick & thin 'til death do us part? That is so unfair!
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    Isn't that what you promise in the marriage ceremony?

    (Too bad you didn't get married in the Greek church... you don't say anything at all... including "I do".)
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    Yes, something like that....but I suppose for too many ppl is just a minor detail.
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