Too bad we can't communicate with Sperm Whales

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  2. Where's Bruce Willis when you need him?
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    Na, For this one we need MacGyver.
    Give that guy a paper clip and some scotch tape and send him down!
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    Some people don't realize the magnitude of this catastrophe. To put it in perspective, this is like an oil tanker spill on a daily 24x7 basis.

    I am trying to think of absolutely crazy ideas on how to stop it. Another thought that occurred to me is, do a controlled sinking of an massive aircraft carrier (with a giant plug welded to it) right on top of the spill. I have no idea if this would work or not.

    Or construct a 50 story tall 100000 ton solid steel ball and sink it on top of it.
  5. hahahaa by now he would have made a huge slingshot out of the oil booms and shot coconuts that he found floating on the ocean down into the pipe to stop it. he would have gathered oil off the surface of the sea and shaped it into S.O.S. lit it on fire with a piece of glass and the sun rays, and a helicopter would come to rescue him.
  6. Well if it was me, I would head on down to Home depot and buy some pvc piping that was about 1 size larger than the pipe its leaking from, cover the leak with that and have that pipe shoot the oil up to the surface where I would have tankers just waiting to fill up with the oil and take it ashore. I'm sure some oil would still leak into the water, but only a few gallons here and there.

    But thats just me...
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    The only way they're going to stop the leak outside of Chuck Norris showing up is to drill into it. It's a mile down, and I don't care what they try, the only thing that will work will be drilling. That WOULD have been a 2-3 month endeavor, however, the drilling never started. They could have started drilling WHILE they tried all of these appeasing other "ideas..."

    Btw, if Chuck Norris showed up, the well would apologize by going dry.:D
  8. They are drilling two more wells I think. Preparations has been going on for weeks and they expect this to be done in August.
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    Is that good for BP or good for the Gulf?

  10. They got the junk shot all wrong, what they need in the shot is millions of those foam ear plugs compressed and shot in. They also need millions of those cocktail umbrellas, except these ones are stainless with super grip micro hooks and barbs on the ends, when released they'll open and interlock.

    whales are for eating not for your exploitation

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