Too bad Ron Paul is over 70... the US will need him in '12

Discussion in 'Politics' started by PaulRon, Apr 15, 2008.

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    No name recognition and media disinformation prevented Ron Paul from winning this time. The country will need him desperately in 2012 but he will be too old then... it's a shame
  2. we are desperate now, 2012 may be too late.
  3. I propose renaming the parties, in the spirit of truth in advertising. The republicans should be called the corporate party and the dems the media party. That's who calls the shots obviously.

    Ron Paul scared the crap out of both of them.
  4. Oh yes, they were terrified of the 5% of the vote he got in his own home state of Texas...


    p.s. The main stream media is a corporate entity, completely controlled by the corporations who own them, that would make the media a member of the republican party...


  5. [​IMG]

    chicka chicka... boom boom.. chicka chicka
  6. She almost looks old enough to be Ron Paul's daughter....

    By the way, look at Ron Paul's chicklets, dude is ready for wooden teeth...

    <img src=>

  7. that pic looks like something out of the Saturday Evening Post... thats why they call him the Good Doctor! cool.. good pic ZZZzzenu.. thanks.
  8. Sorry, if a guy can't take care of his dentures in this era, he doesn't qualify to be president...

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    You are what's wrong with the US. I hope you go broke when the dollar collapses.
  10. I am what's wrong?


    Dude is a doctor and can't take care of his own chicklets...and I am what's wrong?

    You venomously attack me hoping I go broke?

    Too bloody funny...another of the RuPaul idiots soils himself again...

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