Tony's NY Seminar

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Hitman, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. Hitman


    When and where?

    How do I apply?
  2. TonyOz



    PS: I will be at the Broadway Lounge starting at 4:30 on Sunday until I must leave. I have dinner plans. I should also be there sometime in the evening (or night) on Sat and Mon.
  3. Can not register, everything that I am interested in is full.
    Sorry, did not know about this in advance.
  4. Interesting.....verrry interesting......
  5. TonyOz


    I did not know the sessions were full when I posted the link, sorry. Anyhow, it is my understanding that there should be "some" no-shows (the room holds 250), so if you really wish to attend, you might want to check in before the session starts (maybe 30 minutes or so) and see if you can get on a wait list or something like that. I'm not sure how it's going to be handled - just trying to be helpful.

    The sessions on Sunday and Monday are the same, so if 10% do not show up, it should open 50 seats.

    Live Trading session Tue morning might be tough to get into. You might want to come very early to get on a wait list for that one.

    There is limited room available for the second live trading session on Tue, so you may want to book that one.

    I hope this helps,

    See you in NY,

  6. limbo


    Dat may I ask -what has peeked(if that's the right word) your interest here
  7. Just trying to get Tony to call worked :)
  8. Hitman


    Is there anything else I need to register for besides the seminar at Realtick?

    Do I need to register for anything at the NY Trading Expo site?
  9. Yes Hitman you need to register for the exibit hall pass (the free one) at the expo website. I believe they start charging for it after today or tomorrow (they used to anyway) so you better hurry.