Tony Robbins

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  1. Which famous trader is Tony Robbins speaking of, who hired him for a Million a year a number of years back?
  2. John Henry of course.
    Appears the therapy only worked temporarily, as up until recently, funds managed by Henry performed terribly....they were always on the "worst performers" list in Futures Magazine....month after month.
  3. Cool of you to get back to me. Syswizards the man!
  4. Tony Robbins's popularity is a great sell-signal. :cool:

  5. John Henry is more an automated system trader? So i cant see how changing his body posture and mental state would help his trading much, atleast not on a day to day basis.

    I wouldnt be surprised if he has worked with more than one top trader. I remember hearing on a Van Tharp CD that Robbins has worked with Paul Tudor Jones. Who is more of a discreationary type of trader.. Working on his body posture and mental state would make alot more sense.
  6. On second thought, I agree.
    Twas a bad guess on my part.
    No question, Jones fits the part much more closely.