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  1. mbg


    Geez - I'm getting daily e-mails from now, with the following:

    Dear Subscriber,

    This market has challenged many traders. Yet, Tony Oz is having another great year. How does he do it?

    Click this link to find out about Tony's trading methods which are now available to the public.

    Trade Smart!

    now let's see, if I were pushing cd-roms for 400 a pop, I could have a great year also!
  2. mbg,

    Be VERY careful with that guy. I mean VERY, VERY careful.


  3. Brandonf

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    <i>now let's see, if I were pushing cd-roms for 400 a pop, I could have a great year also!</i>

    Only if you could sell said CD.

  4. def

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    "Be VERY careful with that guy. I mean VERY, VERY careful.


    Why? From what I've seen, read and heard about Tony, he is a totally stand up guy. His trading record is well documented. He does it live in front of hundreds of people and genuinely seems interested in helping others. I'd rather see him making a nice buck out of teaching strategies that seem to work than the other snake oil salesman out there.
  5. mbg


    Geez - I was only making light of the statement that he was having a great year - and connected it to the cd roms as a joke.

    fwiw - I've seen Tony live in NYC last February - he didn't strike me as someone who was self-promoting at all.

    As far as his cd-rom course, I have no idea how good it is, and am offering no opinions about it.

    I did try his scanner, but it wasn't my style of trading - which doesn't make it bad.

    Just my two cents. Spam e-mail from is 99.9% better than all the other shit I get daily.
  6. I bet there is nothing he will teach you that you can't learn for free on the internet, or in books at the library. Developing your own methods derived from what you learn through hard work will be far more rewarding in every sense of the word.

    One thing for sure....
  7. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I started having more winning trades than losers after reading Tony's books. The statement made about learning what Tony teaches for free on the internet is possibly true, but good heavens, it would take a long time just to find it and even longer to paper trade it to see if it works. No, I think it is better to go right to the source. It will save a lot of time, and in this game time is money.

    It's hard not to be an island setting by yourself trading everyday and having nobody to bounce ideas off of. For me Tony's books were a leap forward, especially his book, "The Stock Trader"-- it was like being in the room with him while he traded.

    Please don't think I spaming Tony-- I've never met the man. I just think before anyone discounts his trading technique, you should read his books first.

    Good trading
  8. Anyone try out Mr. Oz's cd-rom course? I read his "Stock Trader" book and thought it was good. I learned a lot from it since I'm pretty new to trading. If his course is as good as the book, I'm thinking of purchasing it...$600 cheaper than the Turtle System I was about to purchase and $1000 cheaper then the"Trading with the Generals" course.
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    I got one from Tony Oz, I got another one promising to enlarge my penis safely and naturally. Still trying to decide which one I want to spend money on.


    P.S. Not discounting Tony as I think Stock Trading Wizard and The Stock Trader are good books. Can't speak for the CD ROM as I haven't seen it.
  10. you'll be able to trade with more size :cool:
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