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Discussion in 'Politics' started by super_ego, Jul 10, 2002.

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  1. I just want to comment on Tony Oz's canceling of the chat session.

    I want to be sincere and not poke fun at anyone. But, I KNEW IT. All talk and no delivery. Tony Oz. Babak, what do you think of your devine mentor now? Who backed out? Me or Tony?


    I have been posting derogatory comments about lots of people ever since I started. You knew my style on these boards and you elected to be associated with me, not me to you. I only said that I never really got anything out of your seminar.

    There are alot of people in here that want to see me fail. They are not going to see that. I am not giving up on them. But you are! I know you are going at the chat session solo anyways, but people want to see The SuperEgo live, in action.

    I had respect for you, but you know that I will be successful in the chatroom and now you don't want to provide the ETizens the pleasure.

    It is all on you. Coward!

  2. machine


    Now I'm absolutely sure that you're a very good trader. What an attitude, what a character! Just like Lefevre described.

    P.S. No kidding. Although I don't appreciate your manners but who knows, maybe You've got a good reason for this.
  3. Tony, unlike you, has nothing to prove and better things to do...
  4. TonyOz


    A man has to know when to throw the towel in. And you are the better one, so I throw in the towel.

    You see, I made a cardinal sin not noticing that you are a liar before. And once I was pointed to your lies about Alan Farley, I simply did not want to associate myself with an event that included a liar in it. Yes even someone like me has some standards.

    Two things before I leave.

    1. You challenged me to put my trading records up. I did so within 3 minutes of reading your post. I challenge you to do the same RIGHT NOW.

    2. You posted the following "Tony Oz. He is spilling out William O'neils patterns (which Willy himself got from another guy) left and right. What is new in teaching head and shoulders formations ..."

    I'll tell you what's new. I challenge you to show me ONE other publication that trades this pattern the same way that I do on pages 70-78 in the book, How to Take Money from Wall Street . Just show me one book.

    Ball in your court buddy, let's see what you're made of ...

    You got two chances to be the superego dude. Or you will be super ..... I let you fill in the blanks.


  5. I read most of your book tony, but i'm not sure what pattern your talking about as I dont have the book in front of me. I will say that one important point I learned from your book that I haven't come across in many other publications is your selling at resistance and buying support. More specifically, not waiting for a neck line break on a head and shoulder, just selling the resistance of the right shoulder. I don't think other's have made it so clear to me. Thanks for that.

    Re: SE

    This isn't directed to any one person. I'm not sure why so many people here are taking offense to his style. If you know yourself and your abilities it really shouldn't effect you. I try not to read much into all the bickering, but I know that I have alot to learn as a trader so thats when I perk up.

    IMO I think SE has shown us some good stuff. It doesn't matter if you've seen it b4 or not. I know I need things driven home a few times before I can act on it in real time. If anyone thinks that SE has nothing to offer just find another thread b/c your making your self look like an ass by saying "this is nothing new" but you continue to read the thread.

  6. slb


    Agree with o10's comments on SE thread wholeheartly!!! If you don't like it, don't bother to read it.
  7. lundy


    SE, I will gladly step in for Tony, hehe. I don't have any reputation to uphold as Tony does. In fact, most respectable "etizens" would put me in your category.

    If you think a group of laggin Ma's can take on my crystal ball, U will feel my whuppin stick!

    uh oh, i sense a mob comin, and guess what, it's full of just your normal everyday "etizens"
  8. Sanjuro



    What ever happen to your thread that you were
    going to show us all your successful trading?
    You know, those great hindsight calls you made
    after the moment.

    You and SE are both so full of S*** you guys should
    be banned for stupidity. Unlike Tony who tries to
    help people and is already successful.

    All you guys can do is to talk trash and put down
    anyone who is apparently smarter than you
    (which includes about everyone).

    It's usually the people with the biggest mouths that can't trade. Maybe your time should be better spent reading some trading books.

    Good Trading! =)
  9. You are missing the point. FasterEgoCat has you eating out of her hands. She is just trying to work y'all up. Stupidity is in responding to her. My guess is she can trade pretty well or at least teach trading. You don't have to be able to actually execute yurself to teach a trader how to be successful.

    FasterEgoCat is like your teeth. Ignore them long enough and they go away.
  10. Rigel


    Why would a pro want to get into a pissing contest with a nobody? If they win they prove nothing, if they lose(it does happen sometimes to us all) it goes against them big-time. Now, a contest between Tony and Seanote would REALLY be something.:)
    Clash of the Titans.
    #10     Jul 10, 2002
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